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About Us

Colvá is a coastal village in Salcete, south Goa, on the west coast of India. Colva Beach stretches for around 2.4 kilometres (1.5 mi), part of a beach consisting of about 25 kilometres (16 mi) of powder white sand, lined along its shore by coconut palms and extending from Bogmalo in the north to Cabo de Rama in the south.

Colvá is a famous tourist destination, visited for its beaches, budget hotels, guest houses, beach shacks, food stalls, restaurants, pubs and bars. The beaches are constantly monitored by lifeguards, and the swimming areas are flagged for warnings.

The beautiful scenic coast consists of four villages of Sernabatim, Vanelim, Colva and Gandaulim. Originally these were villages were brought under the jurisdiction of panchayat after liberation 1963 in 1963. Thus the Panchayat Raj was initiated and established in these villages with Mr. as the first Sarpanch of the Village. Colva is a coastal village in Salcete on the west coast of India and in the State of Goa. The Colva Beach is extremely famous on this coast and is a popular tourist Spot and is known for its silvery white sands and coconuts grooves.

While the panchayat runs the administration of the village, collects the revenue, issues trade license and oversees the overall development of the villages under its administration as per the powers vested under the Panchayati Raj Act.

The ethnicity of the village primarily consists of fisher folks (Kharvis) and farmers, with fishing and farming as its main source income. The kharvis used Rampons (ie type of nets) to catch fish from the sea. The fishing has since been mechanized and various types boats and nets are used to catch different type of fish. Farming is a dying trade as large chunks of land remain fallow. The other community consisted of Toddy tappers, Bakers and milk traders and marginally Goldsmiths. The other major community consisted of Landlords who owned substantial amount of lands, basically coconut groves and farmland. Ironically virtually all the above trades/ communities are virtually at stand still, either the communities stopped farming, toddy tapping, milk trading etc. While Land lords virtually have become paupers on account of high cost of sustaining the orchards and low returns. As the result they are selling their holding for a good price to land sharks. Consequently the current generations of youth tend to go abroad for their sustenance and greener pastures.

Historically the village of Colva, is known for the Fama of Menino the Jesus, the miraculous image of Child Jesus and from time immemorial the exposition of child Jesus takes place in the month of October where thousands of pilgrims from all over Goa pay homage to the Child Jesus seeking various favours.

Today Colva is a sad commentary of its past Glory as Garbage is strewn all love the place. This has had a huge impact on tourism as its revenue generation suffered immensely on account of declining tourists in this part of the world. The other factor that has had negative impact is unplanned development as huge buildings have come up in this once a virgin village causing an eye sore and had destructive impact on its environment.

The need of the hour is a proper gram Panchayat development plan which is in the offing and immense work is being done and will shortly be made public for consideration and changes if any. Expert opinion for local community is awaited.

Sr. No Title of the Scheme Department Amount (Wherever possible
1 Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) District Rural Development Agency
2 Rajiv Awaas Yojana (RAY) District Rural Development Agency
3 Indira Asra Yojana Scheme (IAYS) Directorate of Tribal Welfare
4 Atal Asra Yojan Scheme (AAYS) District Rural Development Agency
5 National Family Benefit Scheme (NFB) District Rural Development Agency
6 Griha Aadhar Scheme Directorate of Women and Child Development
7 Dayanand Society Security Scheme (DSS) Directorate of Social Welfare
8 AntyaSanskarSahay Yojana Scheme Directorate of Social Welfare
9 Payment of Doles Panchayat
10 Ladli laxmi Scheme Directorate of Women and Child Development